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Comparison! Hyundai EON vs Maruti ALTO

Lets Start...

Unity and diversity is something we Indians are proud of. And it certainly shows in the continuously developing automobile market we have here. But there is a segment that has the most number of buys every time. And for us, its the Small car segment, the bread and butter segment, the class of cars where its not very easy to destabilize the market leaders.

And no other car is as popular as the Maruti Alto. Been more than a decade since its launch and it has managed to eat up the competition's share and made it look so easy! It was better than a Maruti 800, more spacious, more comfortable and more powerful and safer too, and it wasn't too late when all of the above advantages started appearing in the form of sales figures! A couple of years and a slight cosmetic changes later, the Alto still runs strong. The 1.1L engine was soon discontinued after its launch and the car has been running on the 800cc 5-speed combo(which was once seen in the 800). Maruti launched the K-series engine equipped Alto K10 around two years back, which not only boosted their sales but managed to up the car's segment too. It is indeed getting a bit long in the tooth, but as they say, "When you got something good, why change it?" Seeing that, Alto's retirement is way far!

Suzuki Stronghold
But there are other companies in business who know that change is good, at least after a certain period of time. Maybe 'coz they don't want their customers to get bored of the same umm, design and package. And the car in question here, comes from one of Maruti's biggest rivals in India, the Koreans!

And much like you're expecting, the Korean we're talking about is the Hyundai EON. A car, brilliantly priced, all set to make its presence felt in the market. Its been around for quite some time and you can see a few on the road too.

So how does it fare when put against the aging market leader(in both the new K10 and old avatars), so that brings us to Comparing Hyundai EON vs Maruti ALTO.

Alto retains the same shape for both the K10 and the 800cc variant, the former being relatively muscular in styling while the latter sports a very clean, almost free from creases shape. On the exact opposite end is the EON, with lots of lines and creases. Yes, that makes the car look good and I doubt if it actually had looked as good as it is with the creases on. Once you see the EON in flesh, you can experience how young it looks, and I mean it in a good way. From the headlamps to the rear windshield, everything feels fresh and new, while Alto, which might be easier to accept, all thanks to its more car-like stature will be tough to find in the parking lot, I reckon.

The Alto K10 is the longest among the three, having the same width and height figures as its less-expensive brother. The EON is as long as the 800cc Alto but is slightly wider and taller too.

The Fight by EON
Lower variants of both the cars except the K10 (which doesn't have much difference in the two variants) get black plastic parts instead of the body colored ones.

Remember I was talking about the EON to be fresher of the trio here, it becomes more evident once you step inside the car. Alto feels like a refurbished car from the '90s. Blame it on the dull grey interiors or the way better looking ones of the EON, Alto loses here. By a big margin!

Plus the Tilt steering, built-in In Car Audio unit in the dashboard and Driver Airbag etc. show how better equipped EON is.

Its hard not to choose EON over the Alto, but there's something that makes me reconsider Alto! And that is the K-series engine.

It produces some 68bhps and 90Nm's and that makes EON's 56bhp and 75Nm look minuscule. Come to think of it, I can skip the EON and get a Santro Xing. Yes, it might be a bit old, but it still looks good to me, will be more willing to make K10 drivers frown and keep me happy with its reliability.

The Verdict
So here's the thing: For 800cc Alto money, you can get yourself a Hyundai EON and for Alto K10 money you can get a Santro. While the 800cc Alto is older and less-equipped than the EON, getting the latter shouldn't go wrong. But in the second case, the K10 makes more sense, if and only if, you can be OK with cheaper plastics and, call it the low amount of exposure I've had, one of not-so-good steerings in the industry. Alto absolutely lacks feel and is too twitchy. Light steerings are good for the city but on highways they can be rather troublesome. But do take a test-drive, the light steering might suit your daily commute.

The old workhorse, read Santro here is a good car. We had one for four years at my place and is quite a good car to live with. But if its age worries you, get the K10 instead.

And if you're still confused, don't forget to have a look at the in-depth comparision we'll be doing soon. Have any specific questions regarding either of the cars, Let us know on our Facebook page.
There you have it, a full comparison of Hyundai EON vs Maruti ALTO

Compare Hyundai EON vs Maruti ALTO Specs and Price

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