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 Carbon Juice
Post : 1 20-Oct-2011 04:21 PM
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Suddenly this morning, a thought came to my mind. Why not call Petrol or Diesel as CARBON JUICE!

To be honest, i think it is quite right to call it that way.

Coming to the point, we all want high mileage low maintenance cars. A typical requirement from most of us. I recently thought about the existing electric cars that we have, most of them not practical for everyday use. Some of them purely electric, they stop after uncle thomas edison juice is over. Others like Toyota Prius are not 100% electric, as they use a petrol engine to power the motors/wheels.

What about cars that can run purely on electricity, and when we run out of electricity, kick in the petrol engine to keep us going? Chevrolet came up with an answer to this. It sounds to be the most practical solution to-date available in the market.

Chevrolet Volt, a car that is in production now and has been on the roads for a few months does exactly that. The electric motor can keep you going for about 80 plus kms, and beyond that your petrol engine kicks in and takes you further.

Practically, most of us who travel to work, or commute everyday travel less than 50 kms within the city. We are stuck in traffic on most occasions during peak hours. Its the best answer for us, as you use zero fuel when you are stationary in traffic. Get this car and you will be ideally running on very less to no carbon juice during an average commute.

The car looks great too and has almost all modern features built in. Coming soon to India. A full review on this car will be posted in very soon.

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Post : 2 26-Mar-2012 02:04 AM
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Today Carbon Juice has become even more expensive. Where is my Chevy?


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