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Topic No Formula 1 Race in India for 2014 and 2015

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 No Formula 1 Race in India for 2014 and 2015
Post : 1 11-Mar-2014 12:09 PM
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This is the height of bureaucracy in India for a sport recognised worldwide for decades. The funny part is, it seems, Formula 1 is not recognised by the Sports body of India as a Sport! Yes, that is the situation. Well the implication is, then it is treated as a business and taxed as one. The FIA have been imposed by a huge tax bill which they have rightly refused to pay.

Now, FIA’s stance is for the Sports Body to recognize it as a sport, how hard can it be to be recognised as a sport? especially, when it is recognised worldwide and has been a sport for several decades. How hard can it be? Yes, you guessed it right, atleast 2 years. Why, "elections are around the corner" thats what they say... What have elections got to do with a sport?

While we all are proud of our nation, at times it really brings back the question, why certain basic things cant be put right at the first opportunity.

Message to India: The world watches FORMULA 1, It sets a global stage for India to showcase growth. Just by making some silly excuses, you are not showing strength, rather showing weakness to understand some basic fundamentals.

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