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Car Review Ford Fiesta

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Ford Fiesta

Car Review on Ford Fiesta      Car Review on Ford Fiesta      Car Review on Ford Fiesta      Car Review on Ford Fiesta     


Car Review on Ford Fiesta

Design & Engineering
- Solid body of Ford Fiesta can withstand in even the most severe collision, Believe me or not i really mean it ,

-Not that Good Looking, Quality of Plastic are not that good

Engine & Gearbox
-Very good Engine , and a smooth Gear shift

Ride Quality & Comfort
-I wont say its a extremely comfy or the ride quality is good , just its a managable and average ride quality.

-Not a great car, seeing the maintance and service cost shooting up in three figures everytime you land up in Ford Service, and apart from that very bad road service, overall i wont recomend to go for this car , it doesnt have the value for the money you spend on this!

Probably i shall also post my experience with ford in the later stage , as i happen to spend some real nightmare times with ford.

By Arun Vijayakumar on 11-02-2010

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