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Car Review Maruti Eeco

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Maruti Eeco

Car Review on Maruti Eeco      Car Review on Maruti Eeco      Car Review on Maruti Eeco      Car Review on Maruti Eeco     


Car Review on Maruti Eeco

All of us know that India is a world of small cars and the latest from Maruti is the new Eeco. A first look at it and you will think of the good old Versa. The Eeco is basically an old Versa given a few cosmetic surgeries and to be honest with you those few surgeries have made this mini van even more cuter. Its headlamps get a newer and brighter cluster so do the taillamps, the extended roof of the Versa is thanfully not seen on the Eeco, the Eeco also gets neat and attractive wheel caps which come on the two top-end variants. Though,the biggest change this van gets is its heart, apart from the old 1.3 litre petrol motor it now gets an all new super refined and frugal 1.2 litre K-series motor which meets Bharat stage-4 emissions norms. Stepping into this tall car is done with ease, bending or crouching yourself is out of the question, this also means that six-footers should never have a problem. After stepping in you are welcomed by an airy cabin, you almost feel lost when you are inside, the dashboad is very pleasent to look at and the steering wheel has been grabbed from the alto, the seats dont offer much bolstering but still feel comfy to sit on, the rear of the Eeco is one of the golden points as to why you should buy this car. All of this at amazing price tags across all its variants.

By Rehan Conyers on 23-02-2010

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