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Car Review Premier Rio

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Premier Rio

Car Review on Premier Rio      Car Review on Premier Rio      Car Review on Premier Rio      Car Review on Premier Rio     


Car Review on Premier Rio


If you are looking for a car that is big but priced as much as a small car then let me introduce you to the Premier Rio.Yes,that's right,Premier,this company is back in the car market ever since it's Premier Padmini back in the 1990's.And this time Premier promises big car for small price, infact, to be a little more specific it's a mini SUV. Don't get too excited, read on.


Walking past the Rio without looking at it is absolutely impossible, it is extremely eye-catching especially in brick red and will definitely get one's attention. Despite it's square like dimensions this SUV manages to convince it's buyer within no time, looking at the Rio from any angle will tell you that at this price, you can get something really handsome, it also conceals it self with dual tone colours which I liked(no body coloured bumpers). The huge wheel arches give the SUV a muscular look,it stands mighty on massive 205/70 R15 tyres aided by rugged Macpherson struts up front a five-link set-up at the rear. The Rio is planted with a 1.5 litre turbo-charged diesel motor churning out 65bhp and 14kgm of torque, snug proportions of the Rio will make it an ideal vehicle for the narrowest, most congested lanes of the city, piloting this SUV through traffic with power steering should be a finger-tip job, married to the 1489cc motor is a five-speed transmission. Though the thing that impressed me is the tail-mounted spare wheel which makes it quite different from anything else in the market. Doors shut with an impressive sound quality which ensures solid build quality and promising safety.


Getting into the Rio can be defined as climbing into and not bending. It's interiors are quite decent, not flashy but quite boring to look at, texture of the plastic feels cheap and not up-to the mark. The seats are well bolstered and offer good thigh support, there are certain areas in the Rio where the finish of plastic isn't good,as you can see a few gaps here and there,like shown in the picture. The Rio's floor on the inside is high and makes a tall persons knees reach the window, though, knee room is reasonably good, head room could be a problem for six-footers, up-front the dashboard design is simple and there is nothing too impressive, the grey panel integrated into the centre console is oddly fitted and leaves this to be a major eye sore inside the cabin, the steering felt good to hold and looks cute as well. Speedometer, odometer, tachometer and fuel guage are very ordinary and didn't really catch my eye, although gearshifting should be a boon since the gear lever is placed nice and high, the pedals below can be operated with ease even in case of a short person as the driver, high seating position up-front allows you to have a commanding hawk-eye view of the road, buttons on the dashboard are just fine afterall, this is Chinese quality. It's interiors are compact, cozy and can seat upto five passengers which sums up to a small car's cabin capacity, isn't that amazing?


A cute,compact and capable little SUV for premium hatchback money and a vehicle that you can actually take off-roading on a weekend with your family.All of this at an attractive price tag.

By Rehan Conyers on 26-02-2010

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Comment #1:
It is a boon to middle class people, such a big car for the price of small car. But need to know about maintenance cost...
By: VG.Raajesh on 10-04-2010
Comment #2:
a good new segment in indian market. worth watcing !
By: ilyas dada on 29-04-2010
Comment #3:
good But price is over
By: sai on 20-08-2010
Comment #4:
what about maintenance cost and service network
By: vivek on 15-10-2010
Comment #5:
i want 2 buy this suv please tell more about this .
By: kunwar raj singh on 15-12-2010
Comment #6:
Is service centre available in kolkata...
By: Tamanna on 23-02-2011
Comment #7:
let me know the price & features intrestd in this car
By: deepak on 22-05-2011
Comment #8:
appears worth the price but most important after sale service & spares...!
By: rajiv on 04-09-2011
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