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Car Review Ford Fiesta

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Ford Fiesta

Car Review on Ford Fiesta      Car Review on Ford Fiesta      Car Review on Ford Fiesta      Car Review on Ford Fiesta     


Car Review on Ford Fiesta


The Fiesta was launched by Ford India in November 2005 and is based on its European sibling. The specialty about this car is that it was built specifically to meet the requirements of prospective mid-segment car buyers in India. The manufacturer had started work on developing this car in 2002 and the first prototype was ready in mid 2004. To ensure its success as a production car, Ford’s engineers conducted customer surveys first and based on their findings improvised on its development and design.  In 2008, the Fiesta was given a minor face lift for it wasn’t doing too well on the sales chart.

Design and Features:

A lot of prospective buyers shy away from the Fiesta owing to its rather bland design. The re-styled Fiesta received changes to its headlamp and front bumper design. The double barrel crystal shape derived headlamps along with gaping air dam gives the car a racy look. The mesh grille, low roofline, low boot lip and Mercedes C-class inspired tail lamps were retained. In terms of overall design, it retains the traditional three box profile of a sedan car and doesn’t stand out with respect to its competitors. The Fiesta even looks smaller than it actually is owing to its proportionately balanced styling. The interiors are practical, well appointed and there a lots of cubbyholes for storage puposes.

 Ford offers seven models of its Fiesta for buyers to choose from. The Duratec variant is offered in EXI, ZXI, SXI and S trim levels while the Duratorq variant is offered in EXI, ZXI and SXI trim levels.  Power windows, power steering, air conditioning and central locking is offered as standard across all models. Only the EXI models don’t get an Mp3/USB compatible music system.  The ZXI and SXI models get ABS, two airbags, rear defogger and remote locking as standard. The SXI models also get electronically adjustable ORVM’s and fog-lamps.  The 1.6 S Duratec model gets a stiffer suspension setup than the other variants and has been specifically tuned up in the interests of sportier handling.

Driving abilities and Comfort:

The Fiesta has impeccable driving dynamics and is currently one of the best cars that a driving enthusiast can buy within the Rs.10 lakh price range. This is truly a driver’s car.  The Fiesta will make you fall in love with driving again and rekindle the boy racer hiding within you.  It is a pleasure to drive this car around corners, curves and S-shaped bends. Even the straight line stability at high speeds is much better than its competitors.  There is very minimal body roll while driving through winding roads.  The 175/65 section tyres on 14" rims further aid its road holding capabilities.

The suspension setup is slightly on the stiffer side but that doesn’t compromise on ride quality even one bit. The Fiesta is a living proof of the fact that Ford cars offer an unbeatable combination of ride and handling package. The gas filled shock absorbers at the front and rear soak up every undulation on the road without upsetting the car. The electronic power steering is a quick ratio one and requires less turns of the wheel lock to lock than its competitors.  It is very communicative and offers immense feedback to the driver.  


The Fiesta is offered to buyers in both petrol and diesel engine variants. The petrol variant gets powered by a 1.6 liter Duratec mill which produces a maximum power of 101PS@6500rpm and a maximum torque of 146Nm@3400rpm. The diesel variant is powered by a 1.4 liter TDCi mill which produces a maximum power of 68PS@4000rpm and a maximum torque of 160Nm@2000rpm. During our performance tests, the Duratec variant took 12 seconds to attain the 0-100kmph acceleration run and clocked a top speed 0f 176kmph. The TDCi engine powered Fiesta took 18 seconds to reach the speed of 100kmph from standstill during the acceleration test and attained a top speed of 150kmph. The petrol Fiesta returned an overall fuel efficiency of 13 kmpl while the diesel variant gave an overall mileage of 17 kmpl. Both variants get a slick 5-speed manual transmission which is the best in its segment.   

The Competition:

The Ford Fiesta’s petrol variant retails within the price bracket of Rs. 6.7 to 7.7 lakhs (on-road Mumbai) while the diesel one is priced in the bracket of 7.4 to 8.3 lakhs (on-road Mumbai). It competes against the likes of Maruti Sukuzi’s SX4, Honda’s City, Chevrolet’s Aveo and Hyundai’s Verna. This Ford has the best driving dynamics in its segment and is a highly competent sedan car which will fulfill your every whim and fancy. On the flipside, interior space is slightly less than its rivals and spares are on the expensive side too.  

By Editor on 13-04-2010

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