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Car Review Maruti Swift Dzire

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Maruti Swift Dzire

Car Review on Maruti Swift Dzire      Car Review on Maruti Swift Dzire      Car Review on Maruti Swift Dzire      Car Review on Maruti Swift Dzire     


Car Review on Maruti Swift Dzire

After the designers at Maruti came out with the concept for the Swift, they started planning for a sedan which was to be based on the same underpinnings as the Swift and so was born Swift Dzire. Made only for the Indian market the Dzire shares the same styling as the swift hatchback. The Dzire came along with a 440 litre boot which solved the problem of the small bootspace in the swift making it the perfect entry level sedan to buy.

Design and Features
The three box sedan is identical to the swift hatch up to the B pillar, followed by the rather disproportionately stretched boot. Dzire shares the same styling as the swift hatchback and comes with a different grille, where the saloon gets two chrome strips compared to the honeycomb mesh on the hatch.

The tail lamps share cues from that of the Swift, which flow on to the boot. The rear bumper looks heavy thanks to the integrated stop lamps and reflectors. The chrome strip above number plate is a good touch. The wheelbase is unchanged but the added boot has resulted in the overall length of the car to touch 4160mm.

Swift Dzire’s fit and finish quality is as good as Swift hatchback’s. Panel gaps and shut lines are tight, paint quality is top notch. But the quality of plastics could have been better. There are lots of subtle changes to the interiors – the speedo and tacho dials have chrome bezels and the digits are white-backlit, which looks very cool and classy. Steering has been borrowed from the SX4, and the top end variant comes with steering mounted stereo controls like the SX4. It comes with dash integrated audio system, power windows, power steering and remote central locking.

Driving abilities and comfort
The Swift hatch and Dzire are mechanically identical. Suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres are all shared; the only difference is that the springs on the Dzire are slightly stiffer then the Swift hatch back, to compensate for the additional 30 kgs added by the bigger boot. Also, the tyres on the Dzire are wider, making it slower by 1.5 seconds when compared to its sibling in a 0-100km/h dash.

The Dzire rides really well .The well-tuned suspension is a boon at lower speeds and with the 70-profile tyres, rough surfaces are not that big of an issue. But as the speed builds up, the ride is not as composed as it should be.

The front seats are very comfortable — there’s plenty of headroom and legroom. The driver’s seat adjusts for height and the steering wheel adjusts for rake, making it easy to find a very comfortable driving position, whatever seat height you select.

Though there has been increase in the length of the swift Dzire, the rear passenger seat has not been pushed further back; instead it has been given a more angular seat back which gives more knee room and head room, thus making it more comfortable then the swift which scores lesser stars on the passenger comfort ratings.

One key difference between the Dzire and the Swift hatch is that the saloon feels marginally more refined in the back seat. Though sound insulation material is the same, the boot shields the passengers from underbody vibrations and road noise to some extent.

The engine options are same as on the Swift. The New K series 1.2 litre 84 bhp engines is being shared by the petrol’s, whereas the diesels get the 75 bhp 1.3 litre turbo equipped Multijet.  Both engine options are refined and smooth.

At cruising speeds, it’s hard to tell that it’s a diesel motor under the hood. There’s a strong tug as the fixed-geometry turbocharger spins up. The Dzire petrol manages to return 12kpl in the city and 15kpl on the highway. And the diesel returns 15kpl in the city and 19kpl on the highway

The Competition
With a price bracket of Rs. 6-7 lakh, Swift Dzire competes with Tata Indigo, Tata Manza, Ford Ikon, Ford Fiesta and Renault Logan. It turns out to be a better performer, especially in the diesel guise, but loses out on the aesthetic and interior space counts. Overall, one of the best entry sedans to buy!

By Editor on 13-04-2010

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