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Tata Nano

Car Review on Tata Nano      Car Review on Tata Nano      Car Review on Tata Nano      Car Review on Tata Nano     


Car Review on Tata Nano

The Tata Nano was the buzz around the world ever since Ratan Tata hinted towards the development of a 1-lakh rupee car approximately a decade ago. His vision was to create a car that even a lower middle class family consisting of up to four members could afford – which in turn would allow the entire family to commute from point A to point B without worrying about the weather. But in spite of the Tata Nano having fulfilled his dream, one would still not call it a poor man’s car – for it’s a lot more exciting than what you can expect!

Design and Features
While there were many speculations and apprehensions about the design of the 1-lakh rupee car being similar to a rickshaw, the Nano in fact turned out to be a stunner. With its unique, tiny bean shape the Nano looks cute no matter what colour, perspective or variant you are looking at. Though it’s a sacrilege for an automotive purist, I would still go ahead and say that the air ducts for the engine are placed next to the wheel arches in a manner similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo’s design. The engine is mounted at the back of the car but this time I would rather compare the mounting arrangement to a rickshaw than maybe umm, a Porsche! The design has somehow restricted the engineers to incorporate any hood to make the engine easily accessible. Instead you need to strip down the rear seats to gain access to the Nano’s powerplant. What looks like a conventional bonnet up front is actually a ’boot lid’ for the spare wheel and air-conditioner’s routing. Don’t expect any space for luggage here – the Nano is strictly a city car and not recommended for weekend getaways with the family!

Depending on the variant, you either get a plain vanilla car with no frills (not even body-coloured bumpers), or some essentials like an air-con, adjustable passenger seat and central locking as you move up the variants. There is no denying the fact that the Nano is a puny car; so puny that only one wiper is enough to clean the entire windshield, and there is space only for four adults and a pack of chips maybe. The interiors on the top end model get two tone fabrics and floor mats with ’Nano’ written all over, while the lower priced versions get all-black interiors with no mats at all. The centre-mounted instrumentation console looks as cute and unconventional as the rest of the car and makes no attempts at packing unnecessary information – what you get instead is a basic speedometer, odo, tell-tale lights etc. The cheap quality of plastics is evident but you can’t expect anything better from a 1-lakh rupee car!

Engine, Driving abilities and comfort
The Nano is powered by a 624cc two-cylinder petrol engine while produces a little over 30 horses. But nevertheless, the Nano can still attain a respectable and electronically governed top speed of 105 km/h. Acceleration figures are not what the Nano is all about, so we are leaving those aspects unsaid. The engine note sounds a lot similar to the diesel rickshaws running around town, but some intelligent cabin insulation has kept the ridiculous burble from reaching the passengers. After the 70 km/h mark the body tends to vibrate as if it were a motorcycle – consider that as a speed limit warning!

The tiny 12" wheels are a tad too puny for the tallish design of the car and hence hint towards unnerving handling characteristics especially when making sudden direction changes. But since you are going to use it mainly in the urban environs, toppling over the Nano doesn’t look like an easy probability. Their slim form reduces rolling resistance and contributes to the high fuel efficiency of the car. The ARAI approved figures revolve around the 20-21 kmpl mark which is not too optimistic for a car of this size and weight. The suspension of the Nano is comfortable enough for the city, but like the first generation Indica, even the Nano’s rear suspension tends to squat under a four-person load, leading to an increased inner wear on the rear tyres. The high front seats are comfortable and eradicate the need for a conventional head rest. Overall, with 21% more cabin space than the Maruti 800, the Nano feels roomy while the ride quality is decent enough for the city commutes.

The competition
The Nano’s only competitors as of now are the used Maruti-Suzukis (Altos, 800s, Zens etc.) and the Santros in the aftermarket. But for a prospective buyer looking at buying a brand new car for his family, the Nano ends up being a great choice for its value for money performance and features and small size which makes a highly convenient city car.

By Editor on 14-04-2010

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Comment #1:
Dear Sir, i rated "Excellent" for your FACTUAL REVIEW THREADBARE which is appreciated. But ever since i have learnt the NEWS REPORTS ABOUT "NANO ACCIDENTAL FIRE INCIDENTS @ AHMEDABAD while ferrying and similar fire accident while very day of taking delivery of Nano by the concerned Buyer after driving a distance of hardly LESS THAN 30 KM AT mumbai i terribly feel CHEATED/DISAPPOINTED with the MANUFACTURERS as a fond owner of this Top End Version of Tata Nano car for the PAST FOR MONTHS . Of late i am SCARED in MY SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WHENEVER i DRIVE MY NANO owing to the IMPACT of SUCH UNFORTUNATE NANO INCIDENTS. IT LOOKS LIKE it is wrong on the part of Common Man to DREAM for (NANO}CAR by INVESTING HIS LIFE SAVINGS if this is the way the MANUFACTURING QUALITY/STANDARD OF SO CALLED PDC.
By: S.G. MOORTHY on 08-05-2010
Comment #2:
I find nano a superb city car for my small family of only three. Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime but Tata will not roll out substandard goods and cheating is not the word to be associated with them. i have three bigger cars and I do find the ride quality hard at times but still I always prefer to drive it around the city for my work and with all the traffic and low speeds, the ac in my car is fantastic. i give thumbs up to Tata for this magnificient endeavour for the common man.
By: Manmeet Singh on 01-10-2010
Comment #3:
My nano car LX modelAC is given very very low millage .only 12-13 on city. I am totally upset about this car. I want to return this car to tata company.
By: champa Datta on 29-10-2010
Comment #4:
very very bad car because my new nano car only given millage 11 km.
By: champa Datta on 18-11-2010
Comment #5:
I appreciate the great and cute and tempting design of the car.I am very much interested even to go for it come what may.But deep down my heart the fear remains about its perfmance and fuel cosumption.Besides it is not recommended to drive on the highwys which makes me feel about its limited use as we a family of four would like to go outing on week end.Please make it safe to drive on highwys,
By: Ravi on 02-12-2010
Comment #6:
Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as ifnormaiton should be!
By: Matty on 16-09-2011
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