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Car Review Toyota Camry

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Toyota Camry

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Car Review on Toyota Camry

Toyota’s mid size sedan the Camry, which debuted in India in 2007, recently got its design updates for the year 2010. The Seventh Generation Camry is considered to be a pretty car equipped with all the basic goodies as standard and with the recent updates; Toyota has shredded the conservative image of the Camry to a more stylish and classy look. Camry has been the bestselling car in America for seven consecutive years. It was first introduced in the year 1983 and first U.S production model rolled out in 1988.

Design Features
The exterior of the Seventh Generation Toyota Camry boasts of sleek new trimmings, classy chrome grille, restyled tail lights, bolder fog lamps and sporty 10- spoke alloys. The new High Intensity Discharge headlamp accentuates the Toyota emblem on the front grille while providing increased visibility and whiter light. The new mirrors on the Camry are called ’Hydrophilic’ which are designed to disperse water droplets. The interior of the Toyota Camry is noteworthy too with its innovative new design and layout of the main controls which are large and logically placed around the new leather steering wheel with neat buttons. There’s plenty of space for occupants as well as storage space for luggage. The wheelbase has been expanded which has opened up the interior space, providing an increase in leg room for both the front and rear seat passengers. The 8- way power driver seat and the 4- way power seat for the front passenger with lumbar support makes sure you are firmly settled in comfort.

There are six air bags in the new Camry, of which four air bags spurt out as curtains in an event of an impact. Two new safety features shield the passenger’s necks. Also, there is a clip that holds the rear seatbelts in order to avoid chafing the neck of children or short adults.  The new color scheme for its interiors brings a more relaxed and soothing ambience while driving.

Driving Abilities & Comfort
Once inside the Camry, you just can’t ignore the comfort oriented set up when cruising on long highways. However, when a corner is in sight, the Camry’s soft suspension and the unenthusiastic vague steering is sure to disappoint you. The new Camry is a car that is built to cruise on straight highways and falls apart when hustled around tight corners and twisties.  There is no traction control either, but the compromise is nicely settled by the ABS- equipped brakes at all the four ends, which work beautifully. For drivers who panic at times while applying or rather not applying enough pressure while braking, there is also a unique brake assist system which increases braking pressure even when the pedal is not pushed hard or reduces the pressure when the driver eases up from the pedal. The Hill Sensing Control is behind the smooth performance on gradients. It also is equipped with an automatic climate control system which has the ’Plasmacluster Technology’ which helps in eliminating germs from the air. The noise of the wind at high speeds has also been cut down, thanks to the newly developed computer fluid dynamics which enhances the aerodynamic performance of the Camry.

The Toyota Camry has been brought here with a 2.4 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine which is capable of churning out max power of 167 PS @6000rpm and a max torque of 224 Nm @4000rpm. Camry is available in two variants, the 5- speed manual transmission, which gives a mileage of 9.0 km/litre in city and the 4-speed automatic transmission that gives a city mileage of 7.8 km/litre and a decent 8.9km/litre on the highway.

The Competition
With a price range of the Toyota’s Camry being between Rs. 21- 23 lakh, for the top end automatic gearbox variant with all the options, it competes with the Skoda Superb and the Honda Accord.  You can get the 2.0 litre TDI Diesel engined Skoda Superb for the same price as the Toyota Camry; however Camry’s long set reputation of reliability and much lower maintenance cost reinforces just why the Toyota Camry continues to remain the best- selling car in the world.

By Editor on 14-04-2010

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