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Car Review Chevrolet Beat

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Chevrolet Beat

Car Review on Chevrolet Beat      Car Review on Chevrolet Beat      Car Review on Chevrolet Beat      Car Review on Chevrolet Beat     


Car Review on Chevrolet Beat

Hi Dear friends,

I am very glad to share my opinion on Chevrolet Beat. Just in next two days I am going to become the owner of the worlds one of the most selling cars and Americas no.1 selling car brand.

10 days back I went to Chevrolet showroom to book Spark as I got a very good feedback about this cute looking performance oriented and very silent small car. But after getting into the show room, my eyes fell on the Beast of the road-Chevrolet Beat. The looks are soo Agressive, its looking like my dream car, A well built black horse. But then again I thought Spark is already proven but comming to Beat, this is new car, I got my own doudts, then I went to sales executive and raised my concerns, he than immediately said the engine is Sparks S-tec next generation engine and its more refined and still if you get down just take a test ride, and immeditely within 15 minutes he arranged a test ride. wooooo, I am very exited to get into the beat, and when I got in, I felt like I am in to my dream car. Then immediately driver asked me to drive the car but as I am not a good driver, I said to him to drive, so he started the little trip. the following are my observations in such small test drive.
1. Driving comfort is excellent.
2. Pick up !!...hmmm...I felt its very nice(I would have known it better, If I had driven it).
3. Interiors awesome, looks like a sedan car interiors.
4. negligible noise from engine(hardly listen any noise).

And then after noticing these things, I blindly booked the car next day.

Also I heard Beat is the best in safety feature in the segment, it uses the very high strength steel and also ultra high strength steel for passenger safty and vehcle stability at high speeds.

now I am very eager to get my new Beat in next two days.

I will be sharing my views again, after driving it.

Thanks for reading my comments with such patience.

Good day dear friends.

Nags :)

By Nagaraj.K on 22-04-2010

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Comment #1:
YEAH,its a car with a lot of panache.I saw it too.
By: Rehan Conyers on 02-05-2010
Comment #2:
how much does it cost.even i wanna buy des car.n giv me some details about dis car
By: kiran on 17-05-2010
Comment #3:
Nags - How is beat now!?
By: Muthu on 13-06-2010
Comment #4:
Hi everybody, I am planning to buy a new Chevrolet Beat LT after reading all its reviews and complaints on different websites......m simply loving the product, but the only problem I found in Chevrolet is its dealers, which converting its happy customers to unhappy customers. So my current concern is to find the best dealer to purchase my first car(Chevrolet Beat), so tht I will nt face any kind of pathetic experience and become happy to unhappy customer of Chevrolet. I really appreciate ur help.... thankyou in advance... Sudhanshu
By: Sudhanshu on 29-06-2010
Comment #5:
HI NAGRAJ, Is there any update on the same? How do you feel abt the car? Awaiting for reply. Adip
By: Adip on 17-08-2010
Comment #6:
I am also planning to buy a new car. please suggest me should i go for BEAT.. ???? I took a test drive today.Its a specious car but i dont know about its performance. Request you all proud owner of Chevrolet Beat to give me your feedback about the car?? Thanks My email id is
By: Gajanan Deshpande on 19-09-2010
Comment #7:
By: valaiyapathy on 03-10-2010
Comment #8:
Hi Nagaraj, I am planned to buy Beat on Next week. can you tell ur experience on your own car. Awaiting for your reply.
By: balakumar on 17-11-2010
Comment #9:
I suppose that sounds and smells just about right.
By: Emily on 16-09-2011
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