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Car Review Skoda Fabia

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Skoda Fabia

Car Review on Skoda Fabia      Car Review on Skoda Fabia      Car Review on Skoda Fabia      Car Review on Skoda Fabia     


Car Review on Skoda Fabia

With exuberance in driving cars from past 33 years and having had an opportunity to own and drive Fiat 1100D, Premier Padmini, Ambassador Mark II,III&IV, Maruti 800, Maruti OMNI, Maruti Esteem, Maruti Zen, Tata Estate, Tata Sumo, Fiat Sieana and Toyota Innova, I am fairly experienced in identifying Horses from Donkeys. A phrase of inspiration from my late father was ?Kabul mein Gadhe bhee Milte hain aur Ghode bhee? verbatim translation is that in Kabul you get donkeys as well as Horses. The analogy exists with market place where all sorts of items are availbale, one has to be sharp enough not to get trapped.

Ever increasing traffic situation in Delhi, coupled with parking woes, forced me to think on buying a Hatchback with following guide lines in mind with budget not being a constraint.

1.Should have a Good World Class Brand image.
2.Excellent Fit and Finish.
3.Superb ride Quality.
4.Unsweating Airconditioning to tide over scortching heat of North India.
5.Uncompromised Safety and Security.
6.Frugal Fuel Consumption.
7.Prefrably Petrol but no objection on Modern Diesels.
8.Occasional Highway Driving.
9.Optimum Boot Space

In light of above, had a prudent Test Drive of the following available Hatchbacks. Deliberately did not select SKODA FABIA owing to prevailing negative publicity by media on the car Stalling on roads and Highways and relatively unimpressive looks.

1.Volkswagen POLO-:
Chilled the excitement with its more than small interiors. A bulk of 110Kg with a height of 6ft like mine Struggled to get in behind the wheel. The passenger seat adult was literally rubbing shoulders. Rear seats appeared to be for children. Rejected outright.

2.Hyundai i20-:
Despite a negative feedback from one of its existing owners for ride Quality, ventured a test drive on their CRDi variant. Car was extremely peppy but on high speeds appeared to loose stability. Fit and finish was average but worst part was negotiation of road bumps and pot holes. Rejected.

3.Ford Figo-:
Ebony interiors were not for me. Reminded me of my teens and the movies of John Travaolta in his convertibles with similar shade of red, galavanting with nymphs all around. Dash board and Speed o Meter was less than average. Fit and finish could have been better. Rejected.

4.Chevy Beat-:
Contemprary interiors, more than peppy drive, good ride Quality but extremely miser on rear leg space and overall shoulder space. Rejected.

5.Fiat Punto-:
Car looks were great, interiors were average and a little cramped up. But driving the so called 1.3 Quadrajet was a fiasco. The lady did not budge. Sales person inspired me on their 1.4 FIRE, good pickup but turning radius reminded me of my Fiat Siena. The sales person was non comittal on the FE of 1.4 FIRE. Could be Considered.

6.Honda Jazz-:
Looks were appealing, Fit Finish, just what I was looking for, Cabin Space appeared to be just made for me. Driving was a struggle between II and III gear but all other goodies overshadowed this minus. Selected and decided to finalize on their Select Variant with Alloy Wheels and rear fabble tray it after return from a conference in Macau.

During the conference casually mentioned to a peer business friend, intention on buying Honda Jazz after seeing one zoom past. A very serious advice retorted from him to try the SKODA FABIA 1.4TDI. In the recent past he had bought the 1.2HTP and was more than satisfied. I took it as a casual advice and got busy with my business program.

After returning from a hectic conference week in Macau, was yearning to drive the new Honda Jazz, but at the back of the mind advice from the friend to try SKODA FABIA was floating. Anyway decided to give a casual try and then proceed to Honda Showroom which was near SKODA outlet.

Fahrenheit Automobiles, Moti Nagar had a good display of various trims of SKODA Fabia ranging from Classic, to Ambientte, to Elegance. Mind you it was love at First Sight on seeing the Brilliant Silver Elegance having chic interiors, dual tone black and beige dash board, roomy interiors, solid built. A thorough test drive on Shivaji Marg, sealed the decision on SKODA FABIA 1.4 TDI Elegance.

This was followed by negotiations and was able to strike a good deal with almost immediate delivery on 23/05/2010.

Have had an opportunity to drive around 900Km in last 10 days of ownership. One Highway trip to Haridwar and back on the same day. Average has clocked around 17Kmpl. Best part of Highway driving is the turbo kicking in when tapped, especially overtaking on two lane roads, with swiftness to avoid oncoming traffic. Owing to run in restrictions did not cross 90Km/h but Fabia appeared to be more deparate than me to go on higher speeds.

Nitrogen blow in all tyres is just fantastic. Shall switch to this great thing on all other cars. Noisy TDI PD engine has been slightly subdued by negotiating an Engine Noise Cover from Fahrenheit. A suggestion to SKODA to give this accessory as standard equipment. Another analysis, Fabia 1.4TDI PD is more noisy especially during idling owing to 3-Cylinder POT and the high pressures of integrated injector+pump (pumpe-Duse) on each one of the cylinders. Greatest advantage, redundancy of fuel pumps, frugality in fuel consumption and above all longer band of torque 1800~2600rpm. Bargain for Noise ?..............tolerable.


By Saket Kapur on 12-06-2010

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Comment #1:
I do agree with saket about skoda fabia,its elegant, sexy and classy, i have drove the vehicle for more than 7500kms and its petrol consuntion is very frugal and best part is that it can be parked neatly at where parking space is congested and torque band spectrum is very wide hence require less gear shifts.
By: Gyalbo on 13-07-2010
Comment #2:
Hiii ,What about the ground clearance of fabia...Its just 146mm lowest of all small cars available .any bad experience with speed breakers or off road ????
By: Scedd on 09-10-2010
Comment #3:
I purchased skoda fabia 1.2 HTP recently. It is nice to drive the car and is giving good mileage of 15 kmph. What worry me is the after sale service and cost of the spare parts? The comfort, interiors and the space inside is FAB!!! Fabia is truly FAB.
By: Ashish Saihjpal on 31-08-2011
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