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Car Review Mahindra Xylo

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Mahindra Xylo

Car Review on Mahindra Xylo      Car Review on Mahindra Xylo      Car Review on Mahindra Xylo      Car Review on Mahindra Xylo     


Car Review on Mahindra Xylo

The pricing factor of this vehicle is of the main concern. The actual cost should be not more than 4.5 lakhs to 5.2 lakhs, but the pricing is much higher than that for the performance of this vehicle, Xylo. If there is readjustment of the price, which i have made above then it is a profitable ride. ...Read more about this Mahindra Xylo review

Also with the rising fuel costs the price of the Mahindra Xylo should also be dropped much less further without which there is no benefit for both the company and the customer

By SUNDARARAJAN RS on 28-06-2010

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Comment #1:
Mr. Sundararajan, Have you ever looked what Toyota Innova offers and at what cost??? If no then have search on it then comment. Toyota charge near about 2 lakhs more than Xylo which is toooooo much as compared to what Toyota is giving in Innova. Xylo has much features than Innova, great looks than Innova, Ride quality is awesome and Space no bar at all as compared to Innova. Still, Innova charge too much and stupid people pay for it. Mahindra is a big Indian competetor for Toyota and offers more than Innova and that too low maintainance cost as compared to Innova. Research before you comment anything...Mr. now a days price are hiked every where still Xylo standard model too have many features that too at low cost...
By: Nishi on 13-09-2010
Comment #2:
i would like to know that is white colour in Xylo D2 model is available ? please tell me as i am much interested in white D2 model and planned to purchased the D2 in white colour only
By: Rajesh Tandale on 01-01-2011
Comment #3:
All that what Nishi says is absolutely correct, but currently as such what is the situation in India ? We are still running into inflation and that the fuel prices have been hiked to an undreamable and undroppable level with the oil companies wanting to stick back to the profits and not to bear the losses and this would suggest that there is increase in each and every product in the commodity marked and the industrial market, which is still struggling to come to terms with. Considering that the country is running into the inflammable inflation, the companies that are producing commercial vehicles should understand that they need to produce a vehicle which is cost efficient and fuel efficient and also affordable to the lowest pricing level. These set standards are not even established by these companies and that they boast of flushing the whole Indian car market with their products of inferior quality.

Now coming to the point, all that what Mahindra has produced for the Indian market is not a fuel efficient vehicle, but a gallon guzzler and that this term very much suits the Mahindra Xylo, where the mileage is not very much up to the expectation of the ordinary consumer and that I am able to see 35 to 40 vehicles of the Mahindra Xylo in the second hand car market, I need to have a clear explanation on this part. What is the use of producing a product which is not even on par with the current market standards and that having an undroppable oil prices and on-the-rise pricing level???!!!

In my visit to China last month, the products that are produced in China are very much on par with the global market and that the pricing factor and oil pricing has been into the control of the government and that the set standards are being very much followed by the companies producing vehicles for commercial and passenger purposes. Even one can get an SUV for just 4 lakhs, a modest price.

In todays market, we need to have a product which is most fuel efficient and also should cost less in terms of the current economical situation of the country and just for the sake of a few lives to live one cannot put a whole population in to jeopardy, thereby incurring the risk of loss of lives. If there is a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune then it has to be analyzed and contained so that risks can be avoided. If such a container is then formulated, then the marked is of a standard level or else it is of a substandard level.

Everything all that of this vehicle is excellent, but the mileage factor is the main pin prick in this vehicle. Today being 09/03/2011 I am able to see about 35 vehicles of Xylo in the second hand car market in Chennai. If the Chennai city itself is seeing 35 vehicles then imagine how many more of this vehicle would be available in the other cities including metro and tier-2 and tier-3 cities in the second hand car market. Manufacturing a vehicle which is so attractive on the outside with the performance and mileage on the uglier side is the most worst thing that too as for as an Indian company like Mahindra & Mahindra, which concentrates on providing good vehicles for the world and worst vehicle like the Xylo for the Indian people. This is very much a scandal for the car market with a worst product from Mahindra & Mahindra.
By: SUNDARARAJAN RS on 09-03-2011
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