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Car Review Audi A6

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Audi A6

Car Review on Audi A6      Car Review on Audi A6      Car Review on Audi A6      Car Review on Audi A6     


Car Review on Audi A6


 Its a very good looking car. It looks better than the Merc E class and the BMW 5 series. Even if you care a figure about cars, you just can’t stop craning your neck if this car passes by. The A6 looks long and sturdy. The tail lights have been augmented with the R8 inspired lenses that cut through the haze of blowing snow.

Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

 The audio system sounds great. The audi drive select system is just cool. The front and rear seats have good legroom. Heated seats make the car more comfortable.  It’s cabin is perfect. The A6 also features the audi’s Multi Media Interface. (MMI) which provides access to a number of functions via a computer screen rather than buttons anad dials,


Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

 The audi beats all it’s rivals in performance because of it’s massively powerful 3.0 V6 engine. The 6 speed automatic transmission is great. There is a choice of V6 or V8 power in the united states. The most basic models get front wheel drive, but most come equipped with the company,s quattro all wheel drive system.

Ride Quality & Handling

 Audi should improve its ride quality and handling. Audi has already improved in these categories in the new Audi A6.                                                                                                                                         Audi is the most powerful because of its quattro engine and all wheel drive system.

Areas of he improvement  

 Audi should improve its ride and handling. The interiors are a bit cranny. I’m sure audi new A6 has mproved these areas as well.

By vivek on 26-07-2010

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Comment #1:
plz tell us about used car in deisel
By: rajkumar on 28-08-2010
Comment #2:
I recently purchased on A6 2.7 TDI. I decided to buy A6 after comparing it with 5 series and E class. It is a better vehicle. Ride quality for all passengers, comfort, features and easy of driving, handling and of course the beauty of the car (both ext/int). More over, the six cyl. engines does a wonderful job. I love A6
By: Deepak Puliyolli on 11-05-2011
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