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Car Review Ford Endeavour

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Ford Endeavour

Car Review on Ford Endeavour      Car Review on Ford Endeavour      Car Review on Ford Endeavour      Car Review on Ford Endeavour     


Car Review on Ford Endeavour

Overview:Ford Endeavour

Endeavour is a mid-size SUV launched in 2003 by Ford India with only two variants. Endeavour is a comfortable seven- seater. It is a mixture of technology, power and style that create its presence commanding over the road. It looks absolutely massive from any angle while on the road.

When Endeavour was successful, Ford launched a new version the Endeavour Thunder+ with a bigger three litre engine. Thunder+ is suitable for both on and off road jobs. The bigger sibling with bigger engine makes up for the lack of performance of the 2.5l engine. But the performance on the highways could still be improved.


Design and Features:

The design itself adds to Endeavour’s aggressive look. The body is strongly constructed. The headlamps offer greater light distribution. The external features that attract attention include the multi reflector head lamps, the front grill, a huge bonnet and the silver coloured sides contribute to its bold and stylish look. The toughness can be seen in its external view. The reverse parking camera is standard. Because of the spare tyre, the tail gate becomes small.

The interiors of the Endeavour are spacious, luxurious and elegant. Leather upholstery is provided for comfort and elegance. It is a seven seater vehicle with three rows of seats, which offer comfort to all of its occupants. The second row seats can be folded and the third row seats can be completely removed for creating extra space for luggage. Extra legroom is provided to overcome the problem of entry and exit because of the three rowed seating arrangement. AC vents are given on the ceiling for all the three rows. Satnav, DVD system and driver and passenger air bags are also arranged.     

The features that enhance the safety of the occupants of the Endeavour are the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV), Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), Collapsible Steering Column, Child Lock, Fuel Tank Shields and the Engine Immobilizer. 


Driving abilities and comfort:

The riding and the handling of the Endeavour is well and good. However bumpy the road is, the management is easy because of its huge tyres and chassis. The 16" alloy wheels, the ventilated disc and the front and rear drum brake system add to the driving abilities. The gear ratios are suitable for attaining good performance. The driver has the option of shifting the driving mode from 2WD to 4WD at high driving speeds up to 100 km/h. The steering provides good stability but the absence of Electronic Stability Program (ESP) deters you in corners.



Ford packs this vehicle with indirect injection engine . The 2.5L TDCi engine generates 143bhp at 3500 rpm and a whooping torque of 330Nm at 1800rpm. The new 3.0L engine will make the new Endeavour most powerful vehicle in this category. This engine produces 156 PS of Power @ 3200rpm & enormous torque of 380mnm @ 2500rpm. New Endeavour gets a new 5 speed automatic transmission system. It features an innovative Transmission Control Module (TCM) that can automatically detect and quickly adjust to the changing engine speed and driving condition. This keeps the engine always at its peak power band,  making the vehicle very responsive.

Ford claims the new transmission system will make the new Endeavour perfect for both urban and highway driving as well as off road while providing the best possible fuel economy (22% more than the existing Endeavour)



Endeavour is available in three variants such as 2.5 L 4x2 XLT and the 2.5 L 4x4 XLT and Thunder+. The three variants are priced in a range from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs.19 lakhs.

It competes with the Nissan X-Trail, Chevrolet Captiva, Honda CR-V, Mitsubushi Pajero.

By sam on 11-01-2011

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