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Car Review Skoda Fabia

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Skoda Fabia

Car Review on Skoda Fabia      Car Review on Skoda Fabia      Car Review on Skoda Fabia      Car Review on Skoda Fabia     


Car Review on Skoda Fabia

Design & Engineering
- A well crafted matured look with strong built. Simple but Elegant..!

-  Most spacious & comfortable if compared to Ritz, Swift, Polo, Indica Vista, Figo or Punto. Only i20 can match it’s space & comfort to certain extent but it’s costlier also.

The driving comfort as well passenger comfort is excellent. The interiors are far more better than Maruti’s / Tata’s / Fiat’s / Ford’s. The boot space is 315 lit. which is maximum in any hatchback.

Engine & Gearbox
-  Engine is 3 cylinder so little bit noisy as compared to 4 cylinders engine. Fuel economy is bit lesser if compared to Swift or Ritz, but who cares when you are getting a premium hatch-back with an unmatchable comfort.

Ride Quality & Comfort
-  Driving comfort is it’s bigggest benefit over other hatch-backs. It’s a pleasure to drive it even in city traffic like Mumbai. Driving Comfort & Passenger Comfort both are superb.

-  Please to drive, comfortable for passengers, loads of luggage space, Strong built.

By Kedar P Godbole on 16-11-2011

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